Who Are We?

Kama Kesici Takımlar Industry and Foreign Trade is a company that has been carrying on its activities successfully and meticulously since its establishment. In response to the increasing demand for tungsten carbide inserts and cutting tools in the machining industry with the advancing technology, Kama Kesici Takımlar has taken the Turkey representation and with this mission, it has made it a target to serve its customers for many years.

With our own registered brand, KC Cutting Tools, we are one of the most respected and high quality cutting tool suppliers with our wide product portfolio in Turkey. We are with you with our tungsten carbide insert, toolholders your turning, milling, drilling and boring operations.

Factors such as not only the quality of the carbide insert used, but also after-sales service and ease of supply are of great importance in cutting tools. As Kama Kesici Takımlar, we solve customer problems in the most successful way. If you want to get more detailed information about our company and our products and get to know us better, you can contact us. As Kama Kesici Takımlar team, we thank you for your interest and wish you success in your work.

Our Mission

To understand our customers needs and expectations in the best way and to offer them the most accurate, max solutions. With the widespread internet network and alternative options, delivery our wide range of products to our customers in the fastest and most effective manner. Being aware of our ethical values and responsibility, to be a supplier that keeps customer satisfaction above all.

Our Vision

In addition to the success we have achieved in Turkey, with the "KC Cutting Tools" brand; Our long term target constantly creates difference, in various country markets too is taken as an example by its competitors, and is above respected, market standards is to be a leading supplier.


All rights of KC CUTTING TOOLS (™) brand to Kama Kesici Takımlar Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. belongs.

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