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Kama Kesici Takımlar, based on the principle of "customer satisfaction first" since its foundation, it contributes to production in many fields such as defense industry, aluminum industry, mold manufacturing, automotive industry, machinery industry, medical industry.

Automotive Industry

Today, the automotive industry plays a “key” sector role for developed and even developing countries. Kama Kesici Takımlar contribute to production by selling products such as cutting tools and holders needed in the production phase of the automotive industry.

Machinery Industry

Machine production tools are described as machinery producing machines. Kama Kesici Takımlar offer its customers operating in the production of machine components, on the basis of customer satisfaction, various products that meet the changing demands of the era.

Medical Industry

The medical industry is one of the toughest sectors in the world. It is beside its customers with the principle of minimum cost, maximum quality and performance solution-oriented suitable for the needs of the manufacturers operating in the medical sector.