About Us

Kama Kesici Takımlar Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is a company that has been successfully and meticulously operating since its establishment. In response to the sector of machining and cutting tool inserts together with evolving technology needs Kama Kesici Takımlar, Turkey has received the representation and serve for many years to this mission, the customer satisfied has become the target ownself. Our own brand is the KC Cutting Tools with its broad product cutting tools in our portfolio, inserts, turning, milling, drilling, that will provide convenience to you. We are one of Turkey's most respected and high-quality cutting tool suppliers.

Factors such as not only the quality of the cutter used in cutting tools but also the ease of after-sales service and supply are of great importance. As Kama Kesici Takımlar, we solve customer problems in this regard in the most successful way. If you want to get more detailed information about our company and our products and get to know us better, you can contact us. We thank you for your interest as Kama Kesici Takımlar and wish you success in your work.


Our Mission

To understand our customers needs and expectations in the best way and to offer them the most accurate, optimal solutions. With the widespread internet network and alternative options, delivery our wide range of products to our customers in the fastest and most effective manner. Being aware of our ethical values and responsibility, to be a supplier that keeps customer satisfaction above all.

Our Vision

Anywhere in Turkey widespread, reliable, and offer the same quality service, which is the supplier of everyone and every sector. As befits a well-established history of from Kama Cutting Tools's the way consistently making a difference and values. As exemplified by its competitors, at every stage of production is to be leading supplier.

Our Bank Information

Ziraat Bankası

Aydınlı Yolu Şube

TR77 0001 0024 2388 7734 7350 01


İmes İstanbul Şube

TR32 0001 2009 8550 0025 0000 13

Qnb Finansbank

Sanayi İmes Şube

TR29 0011 1000 0000 0061 7609 53



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